Incidence rate below 100 again Further restrictions for retail and hospitality

Bonn · Non-essential shops are opening in Bonn after the seven-day incidence rate has remained below 100 for five days in a row. But restrictions apply – shoppers must make an appointment and present a negative test result.

Incidence rate below 100 again : Further restrictions for retail and hospitality
Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

Some people will have been pleased to see the incidence rate of 78.56 that was reported on the city’s website on Sunday. But this figure was incorrect. According to city spokesperson Monika Hörig, the State Centre for Health “was not able to take the case reports from the municipal health office into consideration for technical reasons”. Therefore the seven-day incidence rate is likely to be slightly higher than reported, but still lower than Saturday's figure of 97.4. “This was the first time we had fallen below the 100 mark again.” Fewer and fewer people are currently in quarantine: 1633 on Sunday. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 234 people have died in Bonn.

After the state of NRW determined on Friday that the incidence rate in Bonn had been below 150 for five consecutive days, non-essential retailers are now open for business again. “Click & Test & Meet” now applies: Shops may only be entered by appointment and with a daily negative test result, and only one customer is allowed per 40 square metres of space.

In this context, Werner Hümmrich (FDP) demands “a clear approach to opening” for retail and hospitality. Above all, he said, the “adjourned game for the gastronomy sector” was unsatisfactory. He thinks it is possible to open up outdoor areas. Hümmrich criticises a “lack of communication and consultation with the Rhein-Sieg district”.

The association City-Marketing Bonn now wants to drive forward its “Save Bonn's Trade” campaign, especially on social media, according to managing director Maike Reinhardt. Negative or positive remarks, comments or pictures can be sent to These will then be published online.

According to the city authorities, the curfew restrictions in Bonn between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. remain in place, and only members of one household plus one other person are allowed to meet in public spaces. The city has extended its general order until 4th June requiring masks to be worn in certain areas, including the 100-metre radius around school facilities. Municipal service buildings may still only be entered with an appointment and a confirmed negative test result - except for contactless media lending in the municipal libraries.

(Original text: bot/let Translation: Caroline Kusch)

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