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Bonn ice rink: GA family day at “Bonn on ice”

Bonn ice rink : GA family day at “Bonn on ice”

On Sunday, the General-Anzeiger once again invited people to the "Bonn on Ice" family day at the ice rink. Many families from Bonn and the region came and took part in the free courses on offer.

Hartmut Seidel can still remember how to skate: he moved confidently on the ice at the Alter Zoll rink even though the last time he ventured onto the ice was a while ago. "I learned to skate when I was ten years old."

During his apprenticeship, he lost interest in skating, but afterwards, occasionally went to the ice rink in Troisdorf and to the museum square, but it was always too full there for him. Now he is retired, he wants to try skating again. At the GA family day on the ice rink on Sunday, the 77-year-old said that he wasn't afraid of falling over. At the rink, he took part in one of the courses that the married couple Isabella and Rolf Grafschaft were offering.

Course participants were later able to do a circuit on their own

The courses were popular and this year for the first time they did not take place on a separate area of the large rink, but on the smaller newly created area. The skaters learnt the basics of posture and foot position and gradually began to gain confidence. Milena Fey was surprised: “In the 45 minutes I learned more than I thought.” She was actually only there because her two sons took part in the beginners' course. The course was definitely fun, said eight-year-old David, even though he had got several blisters. He had been on the ice before. "But it was still good to take part in the course.”

Klaus Gering from the GA Marketing department considered the family day to be a great success. "Many families with their younger and older children from all over our newspaper circulation area responded to our call to participate in one of the courses. The great thing was that after the course we had the opportunity to try out and improve what we had learnt for free all day long on the large ice rink," said Gering. It is important to take courses before venturing onto the ice alone, said Verena, who took one of the advanced courses with her seven-year-old son Danilo.

Trainer Isabella Grafschaft pointed out to her students a very important point when buying skates: The blades should be long enough, and preferably go beyond the shoe. "This allows you to be much more stable on your feet and to move your body's centre of gravity further forwards," she explained. She was very satisfied with her students: "They are up for anything and enjoy learning new things.”

(Original text; Stefan Knopp, translation John Chandler)