Fire brigade prevents the blaze spreading Garbage bins on fire in carport in Königswinter

Königswinter · Burning garbage bins caused a fire brigade call out in Königswinter-Ittenbach during the night from Sunday to Monday. The fire fighters and the residents prevented the blaze from spreading.

In a carport in the Im Vogelsang street in Königswinter-Ittenbach several garbage bins had caught fire. As the fire brigade reports, residents noticed the flames very early on and called the emergency number 112 immediately at 2.15 am. Until the fire fighters arrived the residents of the house and a neighbour managed to keep the fire down using an extinguisher. Two cars were moved out of the carport before they could catch fire and could be parked at a safe distance.

The fire did spread to a stack of fire wood and threatened to get to the carport structure too. The fire brigade was able to prevent this though. The fire fighters had the fire under control very quickly. Before declaring the site of the fire as safe they checked for possible embers. (Original text: GA, Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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