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Fire brigade call-out: Garden shed in allotment garden in Dransdorf on fire

Fire brigade call-out : Garden shed in allotment garden in Dransdorf on fire

On Wednesday evening, the fire brigades from Bonn and Alfter were on a large-scale call-out in an allotment garden settlement in Bonn-Dransdorf on the border to Alfter. The K12n was closed and the trains of line 18 did not run in either direction.

At about 5 p.m. an alarm was triggered, which was raised to a higher state of emergency a little later. As Operations Manager Thomas Adenauer from the Bonn Fire Brigade reported to the GA on site, firefighters from the Bonn professional and voluntary fire brigades and the Alfter voluntary fire brigade were on duty at the allotment garden in Bonn-Dransdorf, right next to the tracks of line 18.

A summer house was on fire. The first emergency vehicle that arrived on site was stopped by a fallen tree, so the fire first had to be extinguished by means of a long hose line. As Adenauer reported, the fire was successfully fought from two sides. Until the evening the firefighters were still busy putting out the fire. The fire brigade had cordoned off the fire site over a large area because there was a suspicion that asbestos panels were on fire. This suspicion was not confirmed, but because asbestos was present in an adjacent building, the firefighters treated the fire as if they had been contaminated. According to initial findings nobody was injured.

Stadtwerke Bonn wants to check whether the contact wires of railway line 18, both the overhead contact lines and in wires in the ground shaft, have been damaged.

The cause of the fire is not yet known. The railway line 18 has been closed in both directions, as well as the district road K12n. As a result, traffic shifted to Alfter-Ort. The area was to be bypassed as far as possible.

Original text: Hans-Peter Fuss and Matthias Kehrein. Translation: Mareike Graepel