Bonn Münsterplatz Gay and lesbian “Sommerfest”

Bonn · It was perfect weather for a summer festival in the city center; gays and lesbians wrapped up their week with a colorful outdoor celebration.

It might not have been as well attended as the gay pride parade in Cologne, but there were still plenty of people on hand to celebrate the gay and lesbian “Sommerfest” in Bonn city center on Saturday. The new association, “r(h)ein queer Bonn” and other groups offered workshops, lectures and discussion rounds this week to show that there is still an active gay and lesbian group living here in Bonn and the surrounding area. A gay-lesbian center was closed down in 2009, and “r(h)ein queer Bonn” was subsequently founded in 2015 to support gay living in Bonn.

At Münsterplatz, various other groups including political parties, clubs, and organizations also came and set up information stands to show their support. Amnesty International was one of the groups in attendance. A stage was set up with a variety of entertainment and the pleasant weather contributed to a very good mood. Organizers of the event were pleased. Orig. text: Stefan Knopp

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