"A shocking sight" German astronaut photographs the dry Rhineland from space

Bonn · German European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst took a picture of the Rhineland from the International Space Station (ISS). For the greater part it was dry and for the astronaut, it was a “shocking sight.”

German astronaut Alexander Gerst has taken photos of the largely dried-up Rhineland from space. “Could just take the first photos of Central Europe and Germany during the daytime, after several weeks of overnight flights,” tweeted the 42-year-old astronaut. “Shocking sight. Everything is dry and brown, where it should actually be green. "

The picture shows the Rhine after weeks of dry weather. Dusseldorf, Cologne and Bonn can be seen as well as the opencast mines of Altdorf, Etzweiler and Garzweiler. "I've never seen it like that before," added Gerst on Twitter. He also tweeted photos of the flight over Portugal and several pictures of Central Europe.

(Orig. text: dpa / Translation: ck)

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