Temperatures around zero degrees German Weather Service warns of black ice this weekend

Bonn · The low pressure system „Barbara“ is crossing the country since Monday with a cold front strong gusts, as the German Weather Service (DWD) reports. Beware of black ice on roads.

The cold front brings polar sea air to Bonn and the region. Temperatures drop to around zero degrees Celsius. In the Siebengebirge area several motorists already felt the affects of slippery and snowy surface.

Winter isn’t coming - winter is here: The first snow and sleet showers have covered Bonn and the region last night. As forecast by the German Weather Service (DWD), the snowfall line sank during wet and changeable cold weather on Friday down to the lowlands.

The Siebengebirge saw several traffic jams due to the weather conditions, especially on the L 332 up to Margaratenhöhe in Königswinter, where several cars blocked the traffic after having slipped on snowy surfaces. There was a backlog to Königswinter-Altstadt. There were also restrictions down towards the valley during the late afternoon.

It will be very wintery during the weekend too: Heavy snow showers have been forecast during the night to Saturday. On Sunday the temperatures will rise slightly so that the snow may turn to rain. In the mountain areas there will be more snowfall on Sunday too though.

The DWD forecast for the weekend promises snowfall in the Eifel region for the entire weekend. Temperatures in the higher altitudes are predicted from around zero on Friday and minus one or two degrees Celsius on Saturday and Sunday.

Winter sports fans may have to wait for more than the expected five to ten centimetres of snow though.

In any case, pedestrians and motorists have to expect black ice and dangerous conditions as well as strong and blustery winds.

(Original text: GA, Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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