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Cherry blossoms in the Old Town: Graffiti smeared on cherry trees

Cherry blossoms in the Old Town : Graffiti smeared on cherry trees

Some cherry trees on Heerstrasse in the Old Town have been smeared with graffiti overnight. The City of Bonn is looking for those responsible. An incident concerning the trees also occurred last year.

Last night, culprits painted graffiti on several cherry trees on Heerstrasse. The City of Bonn reported that words like “Baum” (tree) and “fällt” (falls or drops) were smeared on the trees along with white lines. A GA reader reported that at least 15 to 20 trees had been smeared. Police spokesman Robert Scholten confirmed that police are investigating possible property damage.

The city emphasized: "If the paint cannot be washed off with water, it is unfortunately not possible to remove the graffiti, as otherwise the bark and consequently the tree would be damaged.” The city has announced it would file a complaint against unknown persons.

Possible witnesses are requested to contact the city at info-stadtgruen@bonn.de or 0228-774499.

Last year there was also an incident during cherry blossom season. Culprits hung up numerous posters overnight in the Old Town, with a threat to hammer 7,000 nails into the tree trunks.

(Orig. text: ga.de; Translation: ck)

Fotos: Overnight, culprits smeared graffiti on cherry trees located on Heerstrasse.