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Open-air films : Grand cinema at the Friesi

Open-air films : Grand cinema at the Friesi

The film nights at the open-air pool in Friesdorf have been attended by over 300 people. On Friday the film “Yesterday” was showing.

Only satisfied, happy faces were to be seen on Friday and Saturday evening at the Friesi. This is where the 9th open-air swimming pool film nights took place, organised by the Friends of the Friesdorf Open-Air Pool (Freibad-Freunde Friesdorf, FFF) together with Bonn Kinemathek. All in spite of the Corona crisis. The weather also played along (to a large extent). On both evenings it was warm and summery and more than 300 spectators came to the open-air pool and put down their blankets and cushions on the grass - in accordance with hygiene regulations. Chalk markings on the lawn indicated where they were allowed to sit. "We developed a kind of seating plan so that the distancing rules could be observed," explained Stephan Eder, chairman of the FFF. This had been one of the first challenges for the 20 volunteers of the group, which was founded 27 years ago. In addition to the FFF members, Dietmar Staude and Wilhelmine Schmidt also arranged the catering for the cinema-goers in the "Rettungsboot” (lifeboat), the swimming pool restaurant.

Bonn Kinemathek provided information about the film and Ulli Klinkertz gave a brief introduction. On the opening night, the film "Parasite" was shown. The film - released in 2019 and awarded an Oscar and the Golden Palm for best film - deals with a family from difficult circumstances, who manages to oust the servants of a rich family by using various tricks and schemes. The film “Fisherman's Friends” on Saturday evening featured the story of ten, sea shanty singing men from a fishing village in Cornwall. They are discovered by music producer Danny, who wants to get them a record deal at Universal.

One visitor had come to the Friesi on both evenings. She wasn’t put off by the rain shower on Friday either and had come prepared with a large umbrella and rainproof clothing. “It was a bit of an adventure, but I'll be coming back,” she said. And she kept to her word on Saturday. She and her friend would both like to see more open-air cinema in the region.

A group from Oberkassel had also made themselves comfortable on the grass on Friday evening. With them was a friend from Berlin. He highly recommended the film "The Peanut Butter Falcon" which is on the programme for the upcoming film nights. "I saw it recently at the Berlin open-air cinema," he said enthusiastically.

Friends Tanja, Jaqueline, Jasmin and Sina who meet up regularly had discovered the open-air cinema in the local events listings and were there for the first time. And it won’t be the last. The friends have decided that they now want to take advantage of other open-air cinema offerings.

Next weekend there will be another opportunity to attend the film nights at the Friese. On Friday, July 31, the film "Yesterday" will be shown (in German), and on Saturday, August 1, there is the chance to see "The Peanut Butter Falcon" (in German). All screenings start at 9.30pm, admission is from 8pm onwards. Tickets cost nine euros, reduced price seven euros, and can be purchased through the website of the Bonner Kinemathek (www.bonnerkinemathek.de, in German only) or at the box office. According to the website, the films mentioned can also be seen in English/Korean with German subtitles (OmU) at the Brotfabrik in Beuel.

(Original text: Alfred Schmelzeisen, Translation: Caroline Kusch)