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Graurheindorf Ferry Pavilion: North Sea feeling at the Graubi Bar

Graurheindorf Ferry Pavilion : North Sea feeling at the Graubi Bar by the Mondorf ferry

Wilfried Dung already runs the Rheinlust in Bonn-Beuel and the Rheingold in Mondorf. This year he has also taken over the culinary offerings at the Graurheindorf Ferry Pavilion. The Graubi Bar opened in May.

Following the take-over of the gastronomy at the Graurheindorf Ferry Pavilion by Wilfried Dung, manager of the Rheinlust in Beuel and the Rheingold in Mondorf, there was a two-month renovation period. Although the premises reopened under the new name ‘Graubi Bar’ at the end of May, a major conversion is still to be made. The window front facing the Rhine will be replaced by glass sliding doors in the next few weeks.

But the Graubi Bar is already worth a visit. Inside, you feel as if you could be at the North Sea, thanks to the driftwood hanging from the ceiling, the ship's rope on the wall, the light, lacquered wooden tables and the black and white nostalgic beach photos. There are 40 seats indoors. Outdoors there are three levels: a small gallery with tables for two directly at the pavilion, a middle level with tables for four, and the waterfront with its beer tents (160 seats in total).

Manager Tom Rieck and his team have four different Buddha bowls on their menu, such as the Atlantic bowl (with grilled salmon and prawns) for 16.60 euros, sweet potato stuffed with avocado and goat cheese, plus salad (12.40 euros) or Graubi salad with fried rump steak strips and vinaigrette (16.80 euros).

There are also a total of seven burgers, including the Alpen burger with 180 grams of beef, together with rocket, onions, prosciutto crudo and Emmental cheese (13.80 euros). In addition, there are 13 pizzas from 8.20 euros, such as the Verde with broccoli, courgettes and spinach (9.90 euros). There is also a choice of up to four cakes (from 2.60 euros a slice), waffles from 2.80 euros, crêpes and seven types of Granatella ice cream (200 ml for 3.80 euros).

The only draught beer is the top-fermented Mondi Bier, brewed especially for Dung's restaurant by the Steffens brewery in Bornheim (0.4l for 3.80 euros). Bottled beers are Warsteiner Pils (0.33l for 3.80 euros) or Schneider wheat beers (0.5l each 4.40 euros). Home-made sangria is available for 4.80 euros (0.25l), nine euros (0.5l) or 16.80 euros (one litre).

Incidentally, the name Graubi Bar is derived from an abbreviation for Grauburgunder (Pinot Gris), and at the Ferry Pavilion one by Karl Pfaffmann from the Palatinate is currently being served (0.25l for 6.80 euros).

Details: Graubi Bar (Ferry Pavilion at the Graurheindorf Ferry), Milchgasserweg 22, 53117 Bonn-Graurheindorf, www.graubi.bar, Tel. 0228 45 00 90. Open Monday to Friday from 11am, Saturday and Sunday from 10am (hot food served from noon to 10pm).

(Original text: Hagen Haas, Translation: Caroline Kusch)