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Forecast for Bonn and the region: „Hannelore" brings up to 20 degrees

Forecast for Bonn and the region : „Hannelore" brings up to 20 degrees

High pressure field „Hannelore“ ensures mild temperatures. They’ll climb up to 20 degrees at the end of the week. Will it stay that nice beyond that? Here’s the forecast for Bonn and the region.

Just in time for the beginning of spring, the weather is mild thanks to „Hannelore“. Although it was still relatively fresh during the night on Wednesday, according to meteorologist Jürgen Schmidt from "Wetterkontor" the temperatures are rising significantly. There won’t be an entirely blue sky, but it will remain dry. Schmidt expects a maximum of 15 degrees on Wednesday. On Thursday the temperatures should rise to 18 degrees and on Friday even to 20 degrees.

"The weekend will remain quite mild overall," says Schmidt. Whether it will rain is still uncertain. "Then the temperatures will slowly fall again, so that next week it could become significantly colder.“ According to Schmidt, those who are considering putting their plants outside should wait. He recommends the beginning or middle of April for that. The winter is not quite over yet. Whether it will be really cold again next week remains to be seen, according to the meteorologist.

(Original text: GA Bonn, Translation: Mareike Graepel)