Bonn swimming pools Hardtberg pool closed after lamp cover falls from ceiling

BONN · The City of Bonn closed the Hardtberg indoor swimming pool in Duisdorf on Monday for safety reasons. When it will be opened again remains unclear.

Last Sunday, the cover of a ceiling lamp fell down at the Hardtberg indoor pool in Duisdorf. The city confirmed that they have shut down the pool for safety reasons for now. No one was hurt when the incident happened as the pool was closed. An electronics company has been checking all the ceiling lamps since Monday. It is uncertain how long the pool will remain closed. City deputy spokesperson Marc Hoffman said that the pool should normally be in operation for school and club use until August 3. The outdoor pool associated with the Hardtberg indoor pool has been opened since May 18; this means the indoor pool was no longer available for public swimming anyway (the indoor pool normally closes to the public when the outdoor pool opens).

A Hardtberg swim team will miss some practices because of the closing. Last November, the same team was affected when a teaching pool in Derletal School was closed due to porous expansion joints. School swimming lessons have also been affected by the closing of the indoor pools. Laura Trevisany from Derletal School said "At least we're lucky with the weather right now, but the situation is far from optimal".

One could say the same about the situation for other parts of the Bonn swimming pool scene. The Kurfürstenbad indoor pool in Bad Godesberg was closed in 2016 because it was in need of repair; the city council decided not to reopen it. This was related to the decision to build a new swimming facility in Dottendorf, but that has become controversial and whether it goes forward will depend on the outcome of a voter referendum. As well, another school swimming pool has been closed since January - the Konrad-Adenauer Secondary School has a pool with a defective filter system.

Bonn politicians have made money available for the renovation of the Hardtberg and Beueler Bütt swimming pools (costs of around ten to 13 million euros). The city says the Beuel pool should open again in fall and plans are still being made for the Hardtberg pool.

SPD council member Gabi Mayer said she understands the closing of the pool for safety reasons but criticized the city: “The real problem is that the council majority and the responsible mayor are trying to save money on the existing pools so that they can push through the construction of a new central swimming facility.” Fewer and fewer students are learning to swim. CDU member Christos Katzidis points out that politicians have decided on a new swimming pool concept, including a new building.

(Orig. text: Philipp Königs, Translation: ck)

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