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Storms from three weeks ago: Heavy rain leaves water damage at 21 Bonn schools

Storms from three weeks ago : Heavy rain leaves water damage at 21 Bonn schools

Heavy rain nearly three weeks ago has caused water damage in 21 schools, according to an assessment by the city of Bonn. The damage should be repaired before classes are set to start in the new school year.

On Wednesday, it will be three weeks ago that heavy rains caused streets and basements to flood in Bonn. Schools and daycare centers were also affected. But compared to the major devastation experienced by people and communities in the Rhine-Sieg and Ahr districts, the damage is rather minor.

According to Andrea Schulte of the city press office, the municipal building management (SGB) took stock of the situation and found that water had leaked into 21 schools and four daycare centers. The water mainly entered via roof areas and in most cases caused damage in the basement area. School gymnasiums and the auditorium of the Till-Eulenspiegelschule in Kessenich were also affected, and schoolyards were flooded.

There were also water leaks in the theater facilities, the Bonn Kunstmuseum (Art Museum), a refugee shelter, the Pennenfeld sports park, the Dottendorf district center, and the An der Josefshöhe gymnasium, where the entire floor was flooded.

The Kunstmuseum remains open to visitors despite the water damage, said Schulte. Some water entered one of the rooms housing an art collection, but the water did not affect the art. The building and its individual art collection rooms are designed in such a way that there has never been any water damage to art in the history of the Kunstmuseum since it opened in 1992, she said.

"Some water entered a (housing) container at the refugee shelter on Otto-Hahn-Strasse. The water was removed with the help of a water extractor," Schulte continued. However, there was no damage to furnishings or personal belongings of residents.

At one shelter on Chlodwigplatz, some water had entered the basement, he said. "Here, too, the water was easily removed and no further damage occurred," Schulte said. He added that the SGB was doing everything it could to ensure that there would be no more disruptions due to storm damage in the affected schools following the end of summer holidays.

(Orig. text: Lisa Inhoffen, Translation: Carol Kloeppel)