News round-up Here’s a round up of some news stories from Bonn

Bonn/Cologne · The Rhine claims another life, a man hangs himself from a motorway bridge and a bakery is robbed at knifepoint.

Another Rhine death: A man from Bonn died on Tuesday afternoon a short time after the fire brigade rescued him from the Rhine. The fire brigade said the emergency services had been called at 12.37pm and told there was a body floating lifeless in the water. Rescue boats and a helicopter were dispatched, recovered the man and tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate him. Police said there was no indication anyone else was involved in the incident. The body was identified as that of a man whom relatives had earlier reported missing.

Cologne: Man hangs himself from motorway bridge: Also on Tuesday, traffic police in Cologne confirmed to the General Anzeiger that a 26-year-old man from Cologne had hanged himself from a bridge over the A59 motorway at Cologne-Wahn in the early hours of Tuesday morning. At 6.30am, several witnesses contacted police to say a person was hanging from the bridge at Nibelungenstraße. Officers drove to the scene and removed the 26-year-old’s body. The police could not confirm on Tuesday how long the man had been hanging there. They have opened an investigation into the death. A police spokesman said there were no traffic jams or delays on the motorway as a result of the incident.

Bonn: Robbery at knifepoint in Bonn bakery: two unidentified men robbed a bakery on Justus-von-Liebig-Straße on Monday evening at around 6.45pm. Police said they threatened a 23-year-old employee with a large knife and demanded money. After the employee handed over several hundred Euros from the till, they fled on foot towards the roundabout at Maximilian-Kolbe Bridge. An immediate search for them was unsuccessful. The two men were about 25-years-old and 1.75 metres tall; they both wore dark hoodies and one of them wore a black baseball cap, the other a beige one. Witnesses said they spoke broken German with a southeast European accent. Anyone with information should call the Bonn police on 0228/150.

(Orig. text: kjs; hms; ga; translated by Kate Carey)

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