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Formerly "Zum Gequetschten": Here’s what Bonners can expect in the "Elefant" pub

Formerly "Zum Gequetschten" : Here’s what Bonners can expect in the "Elefant" pub

The “Elefant” pub is now in the renovated former premises of the traditional Bonn inn “Zum Gequetschten”. The owner wanted to combine a traditional inn with a contemporary inner city location.

"We are committed to the 400 year old inn tradition at this location", explains Oliver Diaz, owner of the new, old Elefant pub on Bonn’s Sternstraße (next to Friedensplatz). Why new and old? Where its predecessor Zum Gequetschten stood for the last three decades, the first culinary establishment was named Elefant as early as 1636. “We are carrying out a balancing act here between the tradition inn and a contemporary inner city location,” says Diaz of the establishment’s philosophy.

The building was completely renovated. The inviting premises with their red-brown walls, wood panelling, indirect ceiling lighting, stucco columns and original black, enamelled industrial lamps from the former GDR can seat 116 customers. The terrace at the premises will have around 70 seats from the spring.

Under the direction of Daniel Fischer (previously at the Kameha Grand and Bonner Remise), the kitchen is a byword for contemporary German food. Says Diaz: "From trout to Swabian ravioli, but we don’t have typical pub meals or platters of meat." On the menu instead is flame-grilled salmon burger with fries (14 euros), tender braised beef goulash with spirelli pasta and fresh cucumber salad (15.40 euros), meatloaf with creamy savoy cabbage and wild herb mashed potatoes (13.90 euros) or Wienerwald salad with fried breaded strips of chicken breast (12.90 euros). The steaks are cooked to five different grades. There are also four breakfast options (until noon) from 4.90 euros. The breakfast can also be ordered individually from many different options. For those wanting a snack, we recommend the toasted country bread open sandwiches, such as “Onkel Heinz” with veal liver sausage, fresh apples and crispy fried onions (8.20 euros).

On tap there is not only Peters Kölsch (0.2l for 1.80 euros) and Jever Pils (0.3l for 2.80 euros) but also Büble Helles from the Allgäu (in a half litre jug for 4.30 euros). The wine list includes 18 wines by the glass (0.15l) from 4.30 euros, for example Navigator from Alpha Domus (Hawkes Bay, New Zealand) for 8.50 euros; bottles of wine cost from 20.90 euros. A recommendation: the Spätburgunder (pinot noir) from Julia Bertram (Ahr) for 47.50 euro.

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