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Mayor Candidacy waived: Hillevi Burmester resigns in Bad Godesberg

Mayor Candidacy waived : Hillevi Burmester resigns in Bad Godesberg

Hillevi Burmester will not run for district mayor on Wednesday. The SPD politician will also resign from her current office as deputy district mayor and will leave the district council in June. The SPD now wants to postpone the election.

Who will represent Bad Godesberg as district mayor in the future? An answer to this question could actually be found at the meeting of the district council this Wednesday. Whether this will happen is uncertain. If the SPD is able to do so, the new election will be postponed. The reason: They want to use the time, in order to agree on common content emphasis and initiatives, said Hillevi Burmester, deputy district mayor, on GA inquiry.

Burmester herself will not stand for election, even if she has not made the decision easily. "I very much regret that I cannot run," said Burmester. But if you want to fill the office properly, you can't work elsewhere full time, she says. In addition, it could be that she gets intoaconflict of interest through her profession as an architect. But Burmester, who enjoys great support in the district council (the GA reported), even goes one step further. Not only does she not run for the highest office in the district. She will also resign as deputy district mayor and resign from the district council - but not immediately, but only at the next meeting of the committee on June 19.

If the motion for adjournment does not find a majority, the Social Democrats will instead send Lutz Beine into the race for the district mayor's post. He will then compete against Christoph Jansen (CDU), who announced his candidacy at the beginning of May - shortly after Simone Stein-Lücke's decision to resign as district mayor. "With Lutz Beine we have a candidate with a lot of experience", says Burmester. He has been living in Bad Godesberg for almost 40 years, is firmly anchored in associations and in his living environment. Since he is retiring in autumn, he brings a lot of time "for this responsible and extensive task“.

"I have a lot of time to do the job for a year like Hillevi Burmester did as a deputy," said Beine, who also pointed out that he would not be running in the next local elections. In February he turned 65, so it was time to let younger people take the helm. The CDU will in any case oppose the postponement. "It would not help the district if we postponed the election," Jansen said. The Godesbergers also expected a decision to be made on Wednesday evening. And: "The initial situation will not change".

Ralf Jochen Ehresmann (Linke) also said that there was no good reason for postponement. "I don't know what new findings should be achieved in the adjournment period." Who he will give his voteto? He does not know yet. "It will be the one with the better arguments." The FDP is also against adjournment. Wolfgang Heedt (FDP) said that his party had expressed confidence in Burmester. Now the parties have reached an agreement with Christoph Jansen.

The Greens are uncertain whether they will agree to the postponement, said Monika Heinzel. But one thing is certain: Nicole Unterseh could imagine running for deputy district mayor. If there are good reasons, "we will not close our eyes to an adjournment," said Marcel Schmitt (Bürger Bund Bonn). However, the question arises as to who might be eligible for the post. "We did not come across any personalities that would force themselves upon us.

(Original text: Ayla Jacob, Translation: Mareike Graepel)