Himalaya Exhibition Himalaya Exhibition at Bonn University

BONN · An exhibition of art and objects from the Himalayas will open at the University in Bonn on Monday. It is in English.

 Julia Hegewald (left to right), Pratyush Shankar and Sandra Jasmin Schlage.

Julia Hegewald (left to right), Pratyush Shankar and Sandra Jasmin Schlage.

“Public Space & Art in the Himalayas” is the name of an exhibition that will begin at Bonn University on Monday. On display will be private photos and art objects from the Himalayas, organized by professors and students from the Department of Asian and Islamic Art History.

The objects come from private collections and include masks from Nepal, items from urban Tibet, traditional clothing from Katmandu, Buddhist shrines and other Hindu and Islamic objects. Feature information about the mountains, history and typical Buddhist architecture, the effects of Islam in Himalaya, efforts toward Tibetan independence, modern politics and the consequences of the earthquake in the past year are displayed.

One of the professors involved is Pratyush Shankar, a guest professor of Architecture from Ahmedabad, India. The exhibition is in English, and is sponsored by the Alexander-von-Humboldt foundation. It is open from Monday through Friday until January 27. Location is the first floor of the main University building. For more info, please visit: aikinfo@uni-bonn.de

(Orig. text: Stefan Knopp)

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