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Roadworks in Bonn: Holidays are major period for roadworks

Roadworks in Bonn : Holidays are major period for roadworks

In the next few weeks, seven more long-term construction sites will be added to the list, in addition to those at Viktoria Bridge and the Godesberg road tunnel. The city of Bonn is also cleaning drains and laying new road surfaces.

The summer holidays have begun, and as usual, drivers without school-age children notice this by the fact that construction sites suddenly spring up like mushrooms on the roads. “Measures that are particularly disruptive are grouped together”, explains Peter Esch in an interview with the GA. With this, the head of the municipal civil engineering office means that the holiday season is used when the roads are not quite as crowded and the risk of traffic jams is somewhat lower. “We would rather not carry out construction”, says Esch. But the drains don’t refurbish themselves.

But we can’t talk of a flood of construction sites as in previous years. The city is carrying out only seven new areas of work, not counting the daytime construction sites. It is not just the city that is particularly active until the end of August: the Public Utility Company (the SWB) is renewing tracks and BonnNetz is working on gas and water pipelines. Here are a few examples:

Hausdorffstraße: here, the drain between Bergstraße and Pützstraße, the section to the one-way street, will be cleaned using a hose procedure. According to Guido Metternich, construction site coordinator at the civil engineering office, the work will be completed by the end of the holiday season. Additionally, the aim is to encourage bicycle traffic by setting up a so-called bicycle parking area at the junction of Hausdorffstrasse and Reuterstrasse. If the traffic light there is red, cyclists will in future be able to move into the marked area in front of the waiting cars. Furthermore, 17 parking spaces will be removed to make cycling easier; the remaining parking spaces will be rearranged. In parallel, the municipal utilities will carrying out track work there.

Robert-Koch-Straße: the road surface on the shortest connection from Poppelsdorf to the university clinics is being improved – it will be completely closed this weekend and next. Between 9 am on Friday, 9 and midnight on Sunday, traffic will be diverted to the Venusberg via Ippendorf, which represents a considerable detour.

Bornheimer Straße: the drains will be repaired there from this Monday until 2 August. Therefore, the road out of town between Hochstadenring and Ellerstraße will be closed, and the opposite direction will be one-way traffic. At the same time, the municipal utilities are using the construction site to lay cables for work on the Viktoria Bridge.

Thomastraße: next Monday, one-half of Thomastraße will be closed: on the one hand to allow work on the drains, and in the other to erect a tower crane near the Viktoria Bridge. A mobile traffic light will be installed there.

Chlodwigplatz: a mobile traffic light will regulate traffic at Chlodwigplatz for three weeks from the end of July. There, the civil engineering office will change the traffic lights, because in future the bus line 632 will travel via this intersection into Kölnstraße. A new traffic control is needed to ensure that the bus and tram do not obstruct each other. At the same time, the existing traffic lights there will be equipped with LED lights. In addition, there will continually be smaller construction measures, for example the gutters at Bertha-von-Suttner-Platz and in Justus-von-Liebig-Straße. According to the civil engineering office, these will last a maximum of two days and “are unlikely to affect traffic”. According to SWB spokesman Michael Henseler, one roadwork will affect the buses on lines 630 and 631 on Grootestraße until 26 July.

At Dickobskreuz in the Weststadt area: the energy and water public utilities will start laying district heating supply lines in Am Dickobskreuz between house number 10 and Immenburgstraße from 12 August. By the end of autumn, the street will become a one-way street and the oncoming traffic will be diverted via Gerhard-Domagk-Straße.

Reuterstraße: BonnNetz is installing a new gas slide valve in the pipeline system from 5 to 23 August. For this, the filter lane from the Reuterbrücke into Hausdorffstraße has to be closed. A detour will be set up and signposted.

Viktoria bridge: for some work on the bridge, train traffic must be stopped. According to Peter Esch, head of the civil engineering office, such a closure period will begin this Sunday. The bridge will then be scaffolded, ramp walls will be encased and covered in concrete and the abutments on which the steel part of the bridge rests will be replaced. In addition, work is also being carried out on the drains on the North side under the bridge. This has to be stabilised because the weight of the bridge rests on it. Finally, explosive ordnance soundings will be carried out. According to Esch, the construction time is "half-way on schedule".

Kautexstraße in Holzlar: the road surface is being renewed there since the beginning of July: work should be completed by the end of the holiday season.

Hindenburgallee in Plittersdorf: work on the road here will begin at the beginning of August and should be completed by the end of the month. For this, the Hindenburgallee will be completely closed.

Further information, also concerning the permanent construction sites such as Viktoria Bridge, Godesberg Road Tunnel and Jagdweg can be found on ga.de/construction sites and on stadtplan.bonn.de.

(Original text:Stefan Knopp, translated by John Chandler)