Film with Anne Hathaway Hollywood team shooting for two and a half weeks in Wachtberg

Wachtberg-Adendorf · From Monday, the film crew of "Mother Mary" will be guests in Adendorf. Parking bans in the vicinity of Adendorf Castle will ensure that the film vehicles have enough space. Wachtberg's mayor Jörg Schmidt (CDU) is very happy about the filming in his community.

Anne Hathaway plays one of the main roles in "Mother Mary".

Anne Hathaway plays one of the main roles in "Mother Mary".

Foto: dpa/Jordan Strauss

No sooner had the Landpartie with its many tents been dismantled on the extensive grounds of Adendorf Castle than the film crew from the Cologne production company "augenschein" took control of the old walls. In the past few days, more and more large trucks have been coming to the moated castle to unload heavy equipment. What the GA had already reported exclusively in mid-May is now official: The Hollywood film "Mother Mary" (working title), which is aoso being produced by the American film studio A24, will be shot in parts in Adendorf. The film has an extremely prominent cast with Oscar winner Anne Hathaway ("Suddenly Princess", "The Devil Wears Prada") and Michaela Coel ("I May Destroy You"). As was announced at the end of May, American actor Hunter Schafer will also star in the film - she recently made headlines for attending an Oscar party almost naked. The film is being directed by David Lowery ("The Green Knight").

Parking bans and letter from production company reveal details

While hardly any of the people in charge wanted to comment on the film project to the GA in May, they are making little effort to conceal the filming in the vicinity of the castle shortly before shooting begins. On Töpferstraße, the team has placed conspicuous yellow signs in the grass verges that read "MM Service". If you follow the arrows, you will be led to the "Crew Parking" or to the future film base. This is apparently being built along Georg-von-Loë-Straße. Various signs there indicate that parking is prohibited. What the signs also reveal: The Hollywood team is planning a longer stay in the Drachenfelser Ländchen, as the area is known. This is a sign that larger and more elaborate scenes are being filmed in the remise of Adendorf Castle.

Two large vehicles have to shoot in a narrow intersection

The first film clapperboards are unlikely to drop right from 5 June, however, because there is a "request for a little help" on the part of the film crew. The location manager of "Mother Mary" has made this request known with a total of three notices on the corner of Bachstraße and Georg-von-Loë-Straße. Among other things, they were pasted on two benches. According to the notice, "two large vehicles" were expected to arrive on Tuesday, 6 June, between 12 and 10 pm. These would have to turn in the intersection and then reverse into Georg-von-Loë-Straße. Therefore, no vehicles should be parked there within a radius of 25 metres. Residents should also leave a note with their mobile phone number in their vehicles.

Wachtberg's mayor is pleased about the shooting

Film crew members are guided to the filming location with yellow signs like these.

Film crew members are guided to the filming location with yellow signs like these.

Foto: Maximilian Mühlens

Wachtberg's mayor Jörg Schmidt (CDU) is pleased that filming is taking place in his community. "Of course it's great that Hollywood has now discovered our beautiful Wachtberg," Schmidt told the GA. His municipality and especially Adendorf Castle would provide "the perfect ambience and an excellent film set". "I am very grateful to the von Loë family for making the castle available for the filming," the mayor continued. He wished the film team "successful filming and a wonderful time in Wachtberg".

(Original text: Maximilian Mühlens; Translation: Jean Lennox)

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