Motorway closed Horse rampaged in trailer on A565 in Bonn

Bonn · A rampaging horse caused a commotion on the A565 motorway in Bonn on Friday afternoon. The horse had panicked and it was feared it would break out of its trailer.

 A horse in a trailer.

A horse in a trailer.

Foto: Petra Reuter

A horse in a trailer caused a commotion on the A565 motorway near Bonn on Friday afternoon. The driver was travelling with her horse towards Meckenheim at around 12.30 pm when, for unknown reasons, the animal panicked and began to run riot in its trailer.

As she was unable to rule out the possibility that the horse might injure itself or open the trailer's flap and run onto the carriageway, the driver pulled onto the hard shoulder at the Bonn-Auerberg exit. From there she called the Bonn fire brigade and the animal rescue service.

The emergency services sedated the horse and calmed it down. Together with the animal rescue team they led the animal off the motorway and treated it in the car park under the north bridge. This included paramedics bandaging the horse's hind legs. Firefighters closed the A565 in both directions for a short time during the incident.

(Original text: ga; Translation: Jean Lennox)

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