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A heart for all corona helpers: Hotel displays heart of lights on the banks of the Rhine in Beuel

A heart for all corona helpers : Hotel displays heart of lights on the banks of the Rhine in Beuel

The Bonn Marriott Hotel sent out a message of thanks the past few nights - to all the corona virus helpers. It came in the form of a heart, shaped from light. The heart inspired the many residents who could see it.

In difficult times like these with the corona crisis having an impact on everyone, it can be just a small gesture that brings a smile to people's faces. Silke Schwaeppe from Elsa-Brändström-Strasse in the south of Beuel had just this kind of experience this week.

When she woke up at night and walked through her apartment, she suddenly saw a big heart shining through her window. She couldn't believe her eyes, went out onto the balcony and saw that it was many lights that actually formed a white glowing heart. She quickly took a picture with her camera. Afterwards she went back to bed, felt happy and could fall asleep easily.

She shared her experience with the GA the next day and the newsroom began researching. It turns out that the Marriott Hotel in Beuel, on “Platz der Nationen” was responsible for the glowing heart.

Hotel employees send a message of thanks

When asked about the reason for the heart-shaped lighting, Isabelle Hepe, an employee of the Corporate Strategy Department at the Marriott Hotel, replied: "After we said goodbye to the last tourists staying in our hotel - because of the corona crisis, we wanted to give a token of gratitude and recognition to the people who are working in health care at the front lines for the health and well-being of the people of Bonn during these difficult times". The message of thanks was certainly well-received.

And how did the hotel manage to technically produce the heart of lights? Some staff thought about which rooms would need to have lights switched on in order to create a heart shape. This may sound simple, but it definitely required some experimentation. What resulted was the knowledge that 24 rooms needed to have the lights turned on, and in all others it had to be dark.

Glowing heart of thanks proves popular on social media

The special lighting initiative definitely had an impact: there was a lot of appreciation for the heart idea expressed on social media. Especially the people living near the Rhine in Beuel were happy about the sight, because the heart shone from the Bonn side of the Rhine towards the north-east. Because the response was so positive, the hotel management spontaneously decided to repeat the message of solidarity one last time overnight to Thursday. GA photographer Benjamin Westhoff used this opportunity to capture an image of the heart and delivered this photo to the editorial office.

Silke Schwaeppe was really happy: "Such ideas cheer people up in these difficult times." She is counting on others to come up with similar ideas.

Orig. text: Holger Willcke
Translation: ck