Open day for visitors House of Nature in Kottenforst has reopened

BONN · The Haus der Natur (House of Nature) was reopened on Sunday after a two-year renovation period. Now the popular excursion destination once again attracts nature lovers big and small.

 Das neue Haus der Natur: Die Fachwerkfassade wurde wegen der Bauphysik mit Holz verschalt.

Das neue Haus der Natur: Die Fachwerkfassade wurde wegen der Bauphysik mit Holz verschalt.

Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

Does the heat wave have anything to do with climate change? Some visitors asked themselves this question on Sunday at the ceremony for the reopening of the Haus der Natur on Waldau. With a temperature of more than 30 degrees Celsius in the shade, doctor and comedian Eckart von Hirschhausen turned the lectern in the other direction so visitors could go in the shade. For the audience it was a relief, because five speakers took the floor for one hour.

With a passionate speech, the scientist appealed to the people of Bonn - no, actually to all people: "Deal more responsibly with our earth and our resources! Each of us must ask ourselves what we can do to make the world a healthier place". And on the subject of long-distance travel he said: “One should not dismiss recreational opportunities close by. At the Melbbad pool, it is also very beautiful.”

The House of Nature was rebuilt and modernized over a period of two years. Now the popular city forest once gain attracts nature fans big and small. It beckons visitors with a new permanent exhibition and updated educational program so everyone can experience the habitat forest with all of their senses.

In the future, the House of Nature will serve as a regional platform for education about sustainable development. In the sustainability strategy adopted by the City of Bonn in February 2019, the Haus der Natur is listed as a lighthouse project.

The reopening of the House of Nature was at the same time the closing event for the second "Bonn SDG Days”. This initiative was to bring awareness of the 17 "Sustainable Development Goals” of the United Nations.

"Understanding local nature is the first step towards being able to classify and understand global interrelationships," said Mayor Ashok Sridharan at the opening ceremony. With its offers, the Haus der Natur provides knowledge and decision-making competence for the sustainable use of resources. It shows in a practical way how each and every individual can promote species diversity on their own doorstep. "The Haus der Natur contributes in particular to achieving the sustainable development goals of 'high-quality education', 'life on land' and 'building partnerships to achieve these goals'," said the mayor.

At the opening ceremony, visitors were able to acquaint themselves for the first time with the new permanent exhibition on the subject of urban forests. After the reconstruction, the exhibit on the upper floor can also be reached barrier-free with an elevator. On an area of 100 square meters, the concept of sustainability is illustrated on the basis of forest use and the importance of the forest for humans and animals. The exhibition is to be seen as an introduction to forests and is intended to arouse curiosity to explore the forest in one’s own backyard. Many of the exhibition modules have a direct connection to the surrounding Kottenforst. For example, visitors can observe an active colony of bees, and a screen shows images from bat boxes attached to the outside of the building

The Haus der Natur in der Waldau offers three workshops for kindergarten groups and school classes. Participation is free of charge for institutions from the city area. There are also activities in the city forest and guided tours through the permanent exhibition for families, senior citizens and people with disabilities.

All events up to the end of the year are available on the Internet at:

Orig. text: Holger Willcke

Translation: ck

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