Great places to watch the football How publicans in Beuel are preparing for UEFA Euro 2024

Beuel · Lots of people enjoy watching football tournaments like the European Championship in a group. There are a number of places in Beuel where this is particularly fun. Here’s a look at which games the local establishments are showing and what else they have planned to excite the fans.

 Siniša Slaviček prepares the beer garden "Zum Blauen Affen" for the onslaught of football fans.

Siniša Slaviček prepares the beer garden "Zum Blauen Affen" for the onslaught of football fans.

Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

The beer garden "Zum Blauen Affen" was already bursting at the seams on Father's Day. This will likely be the case again for the Germany games during the European Championship. Owner Siniša Slaviček, who also runs the neighbouring Haus am Rhein, can cater for up to 300 guests in the beer garden. For the Euro Championship, he has divided the area so that every guest has a good view of the screen and the two monitors that his son Lukas is setting up for the games.

"We will broadcast nearly all games live," says Slaviček. "The most important thing, of course, is that we have good weather." On weekdays, the beer garden will offer a limited food selection—namely, rolls with football-shaped meatballs. On weekends, there will be a broader menu, plus various beers on tap.

If Germany meets Croatia

Although Siniša Slaviček, whom many regulars simply call Sino, is a Beuel native, he has roots in Croatia. If Germany plays Croatia during the tournament, it will be tough. "This here is Germany," he says, pointing to his head, "and this here is Croatia"—placing his hand on his heart. "If they play against each other, the heart prevails."

Slaviček is not taking bookings for the games in the beer garden. "First come, first served." Since most games kick off at 9 PM, a special permit was needed for the broadcasts, allowing them until midnight during the tournament—including any extra time and penalty shootouts in the knockout stages.

Adler designs its own EM fan jersey

Niklas Klein has already decorated his Adler pub appropriately together with his team. "We will broadcast all games, including the Germany games and all others that are on during our opening hours." Depending on how the tournament progresses, he even considers special openings. Guests can watch the games on a large screen and two flat screens.

For the tournament, the Adler is offering its guests a betting tip game via the app of the same name, just like in the Bundesliga season. The first-place winner will win a 100-euro voucher, while other prizes could include the house schnapps or the new Adler Germany jersey, which Niklas Klein is having made especially for the start of the European Championships. The Adler jerseys are being made by Andreas Seibt and his Bonn-based company trend.kill screenprinting, which usually produces advertising for bands.

A round of schnapps for every German goal

"All hell breaks loose during the German games," says the Adler owner, who has already received some bookings for the opening match. If Germany scores, the host offers a round: "For each German goal, there's a shot of rhubarb schnapps."

Fans can enjoy the games at Bahnhöfchen with a view of the Rhine, if they can tear themselves away from the six screens. German games will be shown with sound, while other matches will be in the background with no sound. "You need to book a place beforehand," recommends event manager Yasmin Mbaye. "For the German games, there's a minimum consumption of €20 per person." If you’re reserved a seat, you need to be there one hour before kickoff, she adds. If reserved seats remain empty, they will be reassigned on the game day. There are various draft beers and burgers and schnitzels, Mbaye promises.

No public screening at Brückenforum

Rheinlust on the other side of the Kennedy Bridge will also be showing the German games, as an employee told the General-Anzeiger when asked. The Brückenforum, on the other hand, will not be showing any matches this time, as manager Jürgen Harder explained in response to an enquiry. The Brückenforum is already booked for other events. The Bikini Beach at Bonner Bogen will be showing the German games and the final on a big screen; tickets cost five euros. However, the opening game is already sold out.

In Schwarzrheindorf, football fans can now also follow the games at the newly opened pub Tante Walter on Rheindorfer Straße. The three new operators, Christine Berger, Walter Weikum, and Emrah Bergius, have installed several TVs in the former Schröder’s 2.0 to ensure all guests have a good view. "We show all games," says Bergius, "including those 16 exclusively available on Magenta and Sky."

Original article: Sascha Stienen

Translation: Jean Lennox