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Metropol-Theater opened 90 years ago: How the Bonn marketplace used to look like

Metropol-Theater opened 90 years ago : How the Bonn marketplace used to look like

90 years ago, the Metropol-Theater was ceremoniously opened on Bonn's market square. 40 years later, the next groundbreaking change was announced. The market place in the change of the times – a review.

Large advertisements in the General-Anzeiger have been announcing it for days: On Saturday, January 26, 1929, the Metropol Theater is ceremoniously opened on the market. The opening program will initially feature the Metropol Theater's big stage show: Ernst Matray and his Ernst Matray Ballet with Katta Sterna and Maria Solveg perform for the first time in front of an audience in Bonn.

Matray and his ballet belong to the Reinhardt stages and are regarded as outstanding representatives of the great art of dance. "He and his ensemble have played a major part in the triumphal march of the Reinhardt Stage through America," the General-Anzeiger says.

The Metropol Film Show opens with the classic "Der Weg zum Gipfel" starring Louis Trenker. The Welte Theatre Organ and the Metropol Orchestra will also be among the performers on the opening day. 40 years later, the next groundbreaking change is announced on the market square: The new underground car park is to come and make the cars disappear from the marketplace.

On 20 January 1969, expert experts begin to dismantle the obelisk on the market square into its individual parts. The temporary storage of the monumental fountain is necessary so that the construction work for the underground car park and the excavations of the Rheinisches Landesmuseum can proceed.

The individual stones will be marked before dismantling so that the facility can be rebuilt on the market after completion of the work. The obelisk with the fountain dates from 1777 and was a gift from citizens to Elector Max Friedrich.

Original text: Sascha Stienen

Translation: Mareike Graepel