Text message or email How the city of Bonn wants to register people infected with Covid in the future

Bonn · On Monday, March 21, the city will change its system for registering people infected with Covid-19. Those who have tested positive will be contacted by text or e-mail. We explain the exact procedure.

 Those who test positive for Covid-19 will receive a text or email in the future.

Those who test positive for Covid-19 will receive a text or email in the future.

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To streamline the information on Bonn residents who have tested positive with a rapid test or PCR test, the city is introducing new data collection software on Monday, March 21: Ciss - Covid IT Solutions for Sormas.

Starting that day, the health department will send a text message or email to each person reported positive by a lab, providing a cell phone number or email address is available, according to a statement from the administration. In the text or email, there would be a link that would take them to a questionnaire that they could fill out online and send to the city, in a manner that is in compliance with privacy laws.  All the information is automatically transferred to the Sormas software.

According to the city, the questionnaire asks for data that is otherwise collected by a Covid management team by telephone: Vaccination status, registration address, past infections, symptoms, inpatient stay, previous illnesses and much more. In the second step, the infected persons receive a link that leads to another online questionnaire in which they can name contact persons in their homes. If the exceptions to quarantine as spelled out by the Robert Koch Institute apply to them, they would not have to be reported.  The sender of the text is "Corona Bonn", the sender of the email is „Gesundheitsamt der Bundesstadt Bonn“ (“Health Department of the Federal City of Bonn”). The Infection Protection Act obliges people who have tested positive to provide this information. In addition, those affected received information about the necessity and duration of a quarantine. 

Meanwhile, the incidence in Bonn has fallen slightly and is now 1799.6, according to the city. The previous day, the figure was 1824.1. According to estimates by the health department, 9,362 people are currently infected in Bonn. 354 Bonn residents have died since the outbreak of the pandemic with Covid-19. 

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