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City inspects trees: Hundreds of trees damaged after thunderstorm in Bonn

City inspects trees : Hundreds of trees damaged after thunderstorm in Bonn

The heavy thunderstorm that rolled in late Wednesday evening has damaged hundreds of trees in Bonn, leaving some of them very damaged. The city is now doing what it can to prevent branches from falling.

The storm late Wednesday night knocked down branches and sometimes whole trees. "It is not possible to inspect all of the trees on public property immediately," said city deputy spokesman Marc Hoffmann. A complete report with concrete numbers will not be available this week. "In any case, several hundred trees are affected, but not all of them have to be felled," said Hoffmann.

"Where storm damage is reported, the trees in the surrounding area will also be visually inspected," said Hoffmann. The dry heat of recent weeks has adversely affected the trees. "Basically, the trees have suffered greatly from the last two summers and this summer. Many trees are less vital now."

The city is expecting to see many dead trees in the near future. But it's not clear whether this will make the trees more vulnerable to storm damage. "They often also have fewer and smaller leaves, which is why they offer less surface to be attacked by wind," said Hoffmann.

(Orig. text: Thomas Leurs / Translation: ck)