Long traffic jam Illegal parker hampers buses at Friedensplatz in Bonn

Bonn · There were major delays at Friedensplatz in Bonn on Tuesday afternoon. The reason: An illegally parked car hindered buses. The congestion went all the way back to Bornheimer Straße. Fire fighters had been called to the adjacent Thomas-Mann-Straße at the same time.

Bonn bus service experienced major delays on Tuesday afternoon due to an illegally parked car. An SUV was parked directly behind Friedensplatz on the sidewalk on Wilhelmstraße. An articulated bus could not get around the bend because of the parked car and got stuck while trying to make the curve. This also meant that the other buses could not drive away from Friedensplatz to their next scheduled stops. As a result, traffic backed up all the way to Bornheimer Straße, with buses not being able to stop at Friedensplatz for a short time.

The driver of the SUV returned to his car after about 30 minutes. He is now facing traffic violations. There were considerable delays in local traffic.

"For us from an operational standpoint, parking offenders are a real nuisance," said Michael Henseler, spokesman for the Bonner Stadtwerke (SWB) on GA Inquiry. In the incident on Tuesday, the bus driver informed the control center, which then diverted some buses. However, this was not so easy with trams. In this case, the route could often only be divided and buses had to help out. Depending on the circumstances, including the possible towing away of an illegally parked car, such a parking violation could cost the offender "several hundred euros", said Henseler.

The fire department had been deployed to Thomas-Mann-Strasse at the same time to extinguish a fire in burning washer/dryer units. This resulted in tram lines 61 and 62 also being backed up.

(Orig. text: Lisa inhoffen, Felix Schröder / Translation: ck)

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