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Significantly fewer people in the city: Images from Bonn: A city center on lockdown

Significantly fewer people in the city : Images from Bonn: A city center on lockdown

Retail stores have been closed since the lockdown went into effect on Wednesday, with tough restrictions on contacts in public spaces. Pedestrian zones in Bonn city center are clearly more empty. Here are some images from the city center.

As was to be expected, the pedestrian zones in the city center of Bonn have been significantly emptier since the stores had to close on Wednesday due to the lockdown. On Monday before the lockdown, more than 33,000 people were underway on Bonn's Poststrasse during the day, on Wednesday there were only slightly more than 10,000.

A similar picture emerged on Remigiusstrasse and Sternstrasse: while on Monday there were still just under 30,500 and around 29,300 people on the move on the respective streets, the numbers dropped on Wednesday to around 6,800 and 6,300 respectively.

The figures are based on measurements taken by hystreet.com GmbH, based in Cologne, which uses laser scanners at the three locations in Bonn's city center to measure all the people passing through - around the clock.

Orig. text: Leandra Kubiak

Translation: ck