Traffic problems in the Siebengebirge In the car to the Drachenfels summit

Siebengebirge · After the parking chaos at Heisterbach Monastery, the public order office of the city of Königswinter is observing the traffic situation at Drachenfels with increasing concern. And it is announcing further controls.

 Last weekend, the towing service was busy again at Heisterbach Monastery. However, the situation was more relaxed than at the end of April.

Last weekend, the towing service was busy again at Heisterbach Monastery. However, the situation was more relaxed than at the end of April.

Foto: Frank Homann

The start of May was not particularly blissful in terms of the weather. Did the uninviting weather prevent many from planning a walk at Heisterbach Monastery? Nicolas Klein can only speculate. The figures that the head of the Königswinter public order office had on his desk on Monday were different: three illegal parkers along the hard shoulder of road 268 between Dollendorf and Heisterbacherrott had to be towed away on Saturday, on Sunday there were six vehicles.

No comparison to the situation a week earlier. On the last weekend in April, the public order office had 40 illegal parkers towed away at the Heisterbach monastery. The reason given: In addition to the general parking ban on grass verges, in the case of the L268, nature conservation is an "aggravating factor", because the nature reserve designated by the Rhine-Sieg district begins directly at the edge of the verge - violations are sanctioned much more severely in this case.

Citizens react indignantly

The argument, however, did not convince everyone: several citizens reacted indignantly and criticised the procedure as disproportionate. Others showed understanding for the city's action in view of the parking chaos around the monastery that has been worsening for weeks.

The traffic situation around the Heisterbach monastery has been on the minds of the city's officials for a long time, and not just since last week. "For some time now, we have been thinking about ways to make it more difficult for visitors to drive into these areas," says Klein. Additional no-parking signs are not allowed according to the road traffic regulations. Putting up boulders or stakes as "flanking measures", as Klein calls it, could in turn lead to problems if a car driver drives into them when manoeuvring.

Difficult situation at Drachenfels

"But we are very interested in finding a solution and implementing it quickly," says Klein. Last but not least, the on-site controls are extremely labour- and cost-intensive for the city. The public order office is also observing the traffic situation around the Drachenfels with increasing concern. "Our colleagues on the spot are observing more and more frequently that drivers are driving up to the plateau and parking their cars there," Klein reports.

On weekends, there are up to a dozen illegal parkers who are responsible for dangerous situations, not least in view of the numerous hikers and cyclists there. "We are monitoring the situation very closely and are checking whether we will have to organise towing there as well," says Klein. Especially in view of the upcoming holidays, visitors to the Siebengebirge must continue to expect controls. (Original text: Heike Hamann / Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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