Easing of restrictions during the corona crisis In the month of May: Here is what becomes permitted again in Bonn

Bonn · The outdoor pool season will begin in Bonn this month after all. On Thursday, Lord Mayor Ashok Sridharan announced the easing of some restrictions, and included the news about outdoor pools. Visitation in nursing homes will also be allowed, provided certain conditions are met.

 Sports at outdoor facilities are allowed again in Bonn.

Sports at outdoor facilities are allowed again in Bonn.

Foto: dpa/Robert Michael

On Thursday afternoon, Lord Mayor Ashok Sridharan made the announcement that the outdoor pool season would take place after all, and it certainly fit with the nice weather. Despite an earlier statement that the outdoor pool season would be cancelled in Bonn, the pools will definitely open for visitors. The Panoramabad outdoor pool in Rüngsdorf will be the first to open on May 21, and the other pools are expected to follow suit at the end of May.

The new development is made possible by the recent relaxation of the regulations coming from the state government. But the outdoor pool fun factor this year might be different than in past seasons. Sridharan has said there will be some new restrictions, and these are still being considered. For example, there could be maximum limits on the number of people who can be in the pool at the same time. For the employees who work at the municipal pools, it means “Kurzarbeit” (reduced working hours) is no longer on the table. Altogether, it was almost exclusively positive news that the Lord Mayor had to announce.

Arts and public institutions and sports facilities:

This Tuesday, the public library will be opened, but for the time being it will only be available for pick up of pre-ordered books. From May 26 onwards, visitors will be welcome to return to the library without advance notice. The city archive will also be opening its doors again next week from Tuesday to Thursday - but only by appointment. The music school will again offer private lessons from May 18 and the adult education center is also about to resume operations, according to the city administration.

As applies to all of Germany, recreational and team training sports are also allowed again (as of Thursday, May 7) at least at outdoor facilities. Changing rooms and showers, however, will remain closed for the time being.

Citizens’ Service Center:

Starting this Monday, the Citizens' Service Center will again be taking appointments via online reservations and will return to normal operation. Preference will initially be given to all those who need to register their residence in Bonn or need to register a change of address. This helps the city pursue its goal of updating the voter registry by June 13 for the local elections in September.


Sridharan explained that the city of Bonn imposes a fine of 100 euros for mask violations in shops as well as on buses and trains, saying Bonn is doing the same as almost all municipalities in the Cologne administrative district: "With very few exceptions, we have agreed on this concerted action together," said Sridharan. It is neither a recommendation nor an order of the district government, but a jointly made decision. The fine is not intended to boost the city budget. Rather, Sridharan said, it is to benefit people who have suffered economic damage because of corona.

Nursing homes:

Preparations are in full swing for opening up to visitors on Sunday, just in time for Mother’s Day. But visits will only be possible under certain conditions: a maximum of two visitors per resident, for a maximum of two hours and only in separate areas of the facility; guests must be registered and may not bring any risk of infection with them. "We are in contact with all the facilities," said Carolin Krause, head of the social services department.

(Orig. text: GA / Translation: Carol Kloeppel)

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