One more death Incidence value rises to 59 in Bonn

Bonn · After the seven-day incidence value in Bonn was still 53 and 51 at the weekend, this value has now risen. On Tuesday, the city of Bonn reported an incidence value of 59.

 In Bonn, the number of corona infections has increased again.

In Bonn, the number of corona infections has increased again.

Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

The number of coronavirus infections continues to rise in Bonn despite the tightened protective measures: In the last seven days (as of 20 October), the Health Office has registered 195 positive test results. The incidence rate has thus risen to 59 infected persons per 100,000 inhabitants. This puts Bonn slightly above the state average incidence of 55 in NRW.

Currently, 225 people in Bonn are infected with the virus. 28 of those affected are treated in hospital, four of them on artificial respiration. On Monday, there was an eleventh death - an elderly man with several previous illnesses. He had been infected through a household contact and died while seriously ill in hospital.

The incidence rate in Cologne has also risen significantly once again: it currently stands at 97.8.

126 people are currently in hospital in inpatient quarantine in Cologne, 30 of whom are in intensive care. The public health department has also been notified of another deceased person who tested positive for the coronavirus. So far, 133 Cologne citizens who tested positive for the corona virus have died. Currently, 1,287 people are infected with the corona virus.

(Original text: Martin Wein / Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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