Single vehicle accident Infant injured in accident in Bad Godesberg tunnel

Bad Godesberg · An infant was injured in an accident in the Bad Godesberg road tunnel on Sunday lunchtime. The fire brigade turned out in force because the fire alarm system in the tunnel was activated.

A traffic accident in the Godesberg road tunnel on Sunday lunchtime was minor according to information from the fire brigade. As the fire alarm system in the tunnel was activated, the fire brigade initially turned out in force. At 1.26pm, around 160 personnel from the three fire and rescue stations as well as all units from the voluntary fire brigade were alerted with the key words “Fire road tunnel.” “This event means a red alert for the Bonn brigade,” said the fire brigade after the operation. The firemen not only had to enter the tunnel from various entrances but also worked through a checklist of measures.

There was no fire on Sunday. There was a single vehicle accident involving a car carrying three people travelling towards Koblenz. The fire brigade said an infant was slightly injured and taken to hospital after receiving first aid. The majority of the fire officers were dismissed at around 1.45pm. The car drivers still in the tunnel had to wait. They were told by loudspeaker to remain in their vehicles and not to turn round in the tunnel. Due to renovation works to the Rhine side tunnels, there is only one lane operating in each direction at the moment. The tunnel was completely blocked because of the clearance works after the accident. The southbound lane was the first to open again at 3.20pm.

(Original text: koe / Translation: kc)

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