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Move to new location: International Paralympic Committee to remain in Bonn

Move to new location : International Paralympic Committee to remain in Bonn

The future headquarters of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) will remain in Bonn but in a different location. The announcement was made by the IPC, the NRW state government and the city of Bonn on Thursday.

Government offices that once served the State Representation of North Rhine-Westphalia will be filled again soon. As was announced on Thursday, the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) will set up its headquarters on the property located between the former Federal Chancellery and the Rhine starting in January of next year.

The moving boxes won’t have to be transported too far as the approximate 100 IPC employees have been working at Bundeskanzlerplatz just on the other side of Adenauerallee. The International Paralympic Committee is the umbrella organization of around 200 international sports associations and national organizations for athletes with impairments.

In the past fews days, there had been increasing signs that a decision would be made about the future of the property on Dahlmannstrasse. Finally, on Thursday afternoon, the news leaked out from government circles that the state wanted to make the property available to the IPC. Only a few hours later, the IPC accepted the offer from their Governing Board meeting in London. Both the NRW state government and the Bonn city administration deemed the news a success. And the IPC staff also seemed to be pleased with the solution.

NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet said he very much welcomed the decision of International Paralympic Committee to stay committed to Bonn. “With its international environment, Bonn offers the best conditions for the IPC's worldwide coordination and work," he said. He spoke of a "Paralympic Campus", which could provide impetus for the development of Paralympic sport worldwide and for which the course has now been set.

Mayor Ashok Sridharan expressed similar sentiments: "The city was very happy to support the IPC in its efforts to find a new home in Bonn. There have been numerous talks with the federal government and the state on this issue, which have led to the solution that has now been found," he said. Over the past 20 years, the IPC has become a permanent member of the "international family" in Bonn. “I thank the state for making this very special property available in the most beautiful location on the Rhine," said Sridharan.

Rental conditions and costs still needed to be determined. The property is owned by the state of NRW. At one time, the city had been considering offering several international non-governmental organizations a common home under one roof at this property on Dahlmannstrasse - a thought that was not off the table despite the current development. "Regardless of the decision in favor of the IPC, the city administration is continuing to pursue this project," said Markus Schmitz of the city press office on Thursday

The former wheelchair basketball player and probably most prominent IPC employee Annika Zeyen told the GA on Thursday: "I am looking forward to the location on the Rhine, especially since our two current buildings are bursting at the seams."

Orig. text: Rüdiger Franz Translation: Carol Kloeppel