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Outlook for the week: It’s snowing again in Bonn and the region

Outlook for the week : It’s snowing again in Bonn and the region

In Bonn and the region, the weather remains uncomfortable this week. This morning, it could be all white and slippery again. The city forester's office is still busy with the removal of the damage from last weekend.

After the snow which "Jussuf" brought caused numerous firefighting operations in Bonn and the region last weekend, the German Weather Service (DWD) warns of new snowfalls. On Tuesday afternoon, the DWD issued slippery and snow warnings for the Rhine-Sieg district and the districts of Neuwied and Ahrweiler. Accordingly, there may be a small amount of fresh snow and slippery conditions on Wednesday morning.

By the end of Thursday it will be temporarily milder

While there was light precipitation on Monday as well as on Tuesday, it is supposed to become wintry again on Wednesday. After that, it will become noticeably milder. Temperatures will rise from just above zero to as low as five degrees on Wednesday and may even climb into the double-digit range up to eleven degrees during the middle hours of Thursday. Instead of a white splendor of snow, Bonn residents can expect almost entirely overcast skies at these temperatures, with the promise of rain and gusty winds throughout Wednesday and much of Thursday.

Only on Friday should the sky clear up with temperatures around five degrees. However, it will remain windy and locally there may be repeated small rain showers.

City of Bonn continues to warn against walks in the forest

After the snowfall over the weekend, the city forestry service is expected to be busy with cleanup work in the city forest until the end of the week. Affected are mainly forest areas on the Venusberg, in Godesberg and in Ückesdorf and Röttgen. The city forester's office is temporarily closing off dangerous forest paths with barrier tape until the damage has been repaired.

(Original text: ga, Translation: Mareike Graepel)