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Strange smell in Bad Godesberg: It stinks along the Rheinallee

Strange smell in Bad Godesberg : It stinks along the Rheinallee

In Bad Godesberg it stinks for a whole week already, the area affected is around the Rheinallee. There is such a strong smell that the city council and the fire brigade have already moved out. A gastronomer suspects butyric acid as the trigger.

For a week now, the operators of the small restaurants on the underpass to Rheinallee have been serving their guests one thing in particular in addition to food: An explanation for the bad smell, which spreads at the corner Moltkestraße/Alte Bahnhofstraße. A member of the Facebook group "Du kommst aus Bad Godesberg, wenn..." drew attention to the situation.

The residents do not have an explanation for the perceptible smell of fermented milk or old cheese. However, Gino Cammarata, the author of the FB post and the owner of the San Marco pizzeria, bets on butyric acid. "Last Tuesday, as usual, we were open until 11 pm. The next morning the smell was hardly bearable", said Cammarata on GA request. So the foul-smelling substance between the underpass and the staircase to Moltkestraße had been applied overnight, so to speak.

Around 10.30 a.m., the city of Bonn and the fire brigade also moved out. "We were on site with a fire engine and our ABC reconnaissance vehicle," fire brigade spokesman Martin Haselbauer told the GA. It had stunk a lot at the underpass, but no dangerous situation had been determined. "Nevertheless, we flushed the area with our extinguishing pipes", continued Haselbauer. After 30 minutes, the firefighters withdrew again. As the police reported in response to an enquiry, they have no knowledge of the case to date.

After one week, Cammarata is certain - despite the temporary use of a high-pressure cleaner - that "those involved underestimated the problem". Because it still smells and his outdoor gastronomy is affected. "People think that the stench comes from our kitchen and ask themselves "What are they cooking? At the moment, the restaurants are still using fragrance sprays to remedy the situation, but in the long run this will not be a solution for the odour pollution.“

(Original text: Silke Elbern, Richard Reinberger, Translation: Mareike Graepel)