Shooting of film trailers Kate Middleton double causes a sensation in Bonn

Bonn · Is it her or isn't it? Observers who thought they saw the wife of the English heir to the throne, Prince William strolling across the Marktplatz on Tuesday morning were nearly right. But only nearly.

 Kein Eintrag ins Goldene Buch: Die vermeintliche Kate vor dem Alten Rathaus.

Kein Eintrag ins Goldene Buch: Die vermeintliche Kate vor dem Alten Rathaus.

Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

A certain excitement was already evident in the telephone calls that reached the GA on Tuesday morning. Was it really true that Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William, was spotted on her way to Bonn Town Hall? The city seemed taken off guard, not even an entry in the Golden Book was noted in the carefully maintained calendar. The police were unaware of such a visit.

Alas, it wasn't Kate Middleton, who walked elegantly through Bonn in a blue suit, rather her doppelganger Heidi Agan, as a production manager explained. The former waitress, who has been earning her money with her resemblance to Kate for some years now, had been used for a film trailer.

The shooting for the film is to follow next year and will be marketed by a major Berlin distributor. The story, as explained by the production director, could be considered a socio-critical comedy. The Duchess flees from the Brexit to Bonn, because it is much more comfortable there than in hectic Berlin. She has to find a suitable apartment for her husband William, which will not be any easier in the strained Bonn housing market than it is today.

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