Attraction at the Rheinaue Labyrinth should be allowed to stay

Bonn · It is a popular family attraction at the Rheinaue, who hasn’t tried to find their way through the big yellow maze in the park? But the city no longer plans to give permission for the Labyrinth to be set up. A Bonn CDU politician is critical of the decision.

 Labyrinth should be allowed to stay

Labyrinth should be allowed to stay

Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

Christos Katzidis (CDU), representing Bonn in the state parliament, would like to see the Labyrinth stay in the Rheinaue and is pleading his case. He has criticized the decision of the city to no longer grant permission for the mobile labyrinth in the Rheinaue to be set up starting this year. The General Anzeiger had previously reported the decision, the city of Bonn having said that the maze does not fall under a monument protection order.

Last year, the city had approved that the labyrinth be set up around 200 meters away from its original location and had a water and power line laid there. The costs of that were approximately 15,000 euros, according to the press office in response to a GA inquiry. These lines are basically available for all events and uses in the park, as is the infrastructure in the entire park.

(Orig. tent: bot/lis, Translation: Carol Kloeppel)

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