Four days of lifestyle at Burg Adendorf Landpartie with late-night shopping in Wachtberg-Adendorf

Lifestyle, fashion, interior design ideas, art and culture: this blend pulls in approximately 25,000 visitors to the Landpartie at Adendorf Castle annually. This year, it’s happening from May 9 to 12, with a special twist on Friday evening.

 Landpartie visitors stroll in the shade of Adendorf water castle.

Landpartie visitors stroll in the shade of Adendorf water castle.

Foto: Maximilian Mühlens

Tons of home, garden and indulgence ideas await at the upcoming Landpartie at Adendorf Castle. Georg Baron von Loë and his wife Gabriela Baroness von Loë host this event for the Ascension weekend - for the 20th consecutive time, from Thursday to Sunday, May 9 to 12, at Burg Adendorf 1 in Wachtberg.More than 180 exhibitors will be there, promising inspiration for a distinct lifestyle and offering art and culture to the anticipated 25,000 guests. "In the castle, in the festive pagodas, and in the picturesque park, there will be four days of beautiful discoveries for the garden, home inspiration and special features related to idyllic country life to explore and purchase," the organiser, Schloss Gödens Entertainment GmbH, announced.

Roses and hydrangeas will be in bloom, while experts in Mediterranean plants will showcase mighty palm trees, centuries-old olive trees and lush citrus plants. Sängerhof from Meckenheim adds a splash of colour to flower beds and terraces. Visitors will discover vibrant furniture, eye-catching art pieces and creative accessories. The creative team led by event florist Stephanie Schmitz invites visitors to two 30-minute workshops daily at the Landpartie.

Good food and fine wine are an integral part of the experience: "Michelin-starred chef Hans Stefan Steinheuer from Heppingen has maintained two stars by Feinschmecker for his cuisine for over 25 years, positioning him as one of Germany's most consistent top chefs," say the organisers. At Burg Adendorf, the star chef family will present not only their gourmet cuisine but also the new event location Burg Heppingen.

Then there’s Michelin-starred chef Maximilian Lorenz from Cologne, who specialises in modern German cuisine. He favours the nose-to-tail principle - a cooking method utilising the whole animal, signalling opposition to the throwaway society and advocating for sustainability in award-winning food.

The culinary experience is complemented by the offerings of regional winegrowers, quaint cafés and innovative food trucks.

"In 2001, our friend Karl-Georg Graf von Wedel visited us with an impressive idea: he was organising a garden and lifestyle event inspired by the British model at his Gödens Castle in northern Germany and wanted to bring the concept to the Rhineland," say the Loës. "We embraced the idea eagerly, and in 2002, we opened the castle gates for the first time to the many visitors who were able to savour an early summer outing in our park amidst roses, perennials, art, fashion and the finest culinary delights."

New exhibitors are always welcome. "We meticulously select new exhibitors for each event and design impressive new showcases with renowned exhibitors," says Maximilian Graf von Wedel from Schloss Gödens, announcing a premiere for this edition: collaboration with the Verein Deutsche Manufakturen. "A youthful initiative that amplifies the voices of the best manufactories in Germany, which we endorse as a counterbalance to impersonal mass production." Interior designers such as "Heerdt Einrichtungsweisend" from Cologne and Wesseling, Freischem - die Wohnwerkstatt from Meckenheim, and Hetkamp from Raesfeld will be there. There will also be numerous specialists, ranging from Gemein Küche & Interior to tableware experts from Le Cadeau. Fashion exhibitors will be showcased, along with jewellery artisans like Richarz from Bonn, jewellery manufacturer Juchem from Idar-Oberstein, and goldsmith Christian Becker from Bad Neuenahr.

Late-night shopping on Friday evening until 9 p.m. adds a special touch to commemorate the anniversary. For those who prefer the evening ambiance, late tickets can be purchased from 5:30 p.m. Entertainment is provided by singer-songwriter Marvin Scondo, magician Jannik Görtz, Maryaka with folk and pop tunes, the dance ensemble Coda, and Hariett Drack with her true crime readings. Other artists throughout the days include the Akustische Vier, Stefan Koller as Butler James, the Baroque Drops, and Janna Schneider.

The Landpartie is open on Thursday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Friday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tickets cost 17 euros on the first two days and 15 euros on Saturday and Sunday and can be purchased via the hotline ☎ 0 44 22/6 73 98-98 and at A colourful magazine about the event can also be viewed and downloaded there.

Original text: Richard Bongartz

Translation: Jean Lennox