Remagen march Largest Neo-Nazi protest in Rhineland-Pfalz

Remagen · 450 people turned out to oppose a march by 250 right-wing extremists in Remagen on Saturday. 900 police were on duty.

Rightwing groups from all over Germany travelled to Remagen on Saturday to take part in the “Commemorative march for the dead in the Allied Rheinwiesenlager” (a group of camps built at the close of the Second World War to hold captured German soldiers). It is the eighth time in a row the march to the Black Madonna Chapel of Peace has been held and those hoping the demonstrators would be put off in the face of huge anti-demonstrations and the holding of a “Day of Democracy” were disappointed. With 250 participants, Remagen was once again the location for the largest Neo-Nazi march in Rhineland-Pfalz.

Over 450 people from around 40 mostly anti-fascist groups demonstrated against the Nazi parade. They gathered at the train station to greet the right-wingers by shouting slogans and carrying placards saying “Fight right-wing terrorism,” “Nazis are not heros” and “Against nationalism and racism.” 900 policemen were on duty to make sure the two groups did not cross paths and there were no direct confrontations.

A huge police operation was required again this year. Neo-Nazis succeeded in disrupting speeches by left-wing protesters at the Jewish cemetery. They were quickly removed from the area by police. During speeches by the right-wingers at the Chapel of Peace, the left-wing protesters loudly voiced their displeasure.

There were further incidents on the way back. When protesters appeared on the route taken by the Nazi parade, police forced them from the street. Police also surrounded 80 left-wing protesters who succeeded in crowding into a front garden at the edge of the prescribed route taken by the right-wingers. Pepper spray was apparently used and first aiders had to treat several people. One demonstrator was taken to hospital and police arrested two opposition demonstrators. The unrest lasted five hours. (Original text: ln; translated by Kate Carey).

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