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Current Corona situation: Laschet wants strict and short lockdown in April

Current Corona situation : Laschet wants strict and short lockdown in April

Approval among the citizens for the introduction of a stricter lockdown has increased further. Armin Laschet also wants to tighten the lockdown now.

Laschet wants hard and short lockdown in April

In view of the third Corona wave, North Rhine-Westphalia's Prime Minister Armin Laschet has spoken out in favour of a hard and short lockdown in April. Such a "bridge lockdown" would have to bridge the time until many people had been vaccinated, the CDU leader said on Monday. Against this background, Laschet spoke out in favour of bringing forward Chancellor Angela Merkel's (CDU) meeting with the state premiers, scheduled for 12 April, to the coming days.

The situation requires that "we step up our game in many areas and move towards a lockdown", said Laschet. More speed and clearer decisions are now necessary. The round of minister-presidents talks with Merkel must meet this week in „real life“. "We must not experience another conference of minister presidents like last time. With hour-long discussions, with hour-long time-outs.“

Less private contact among people would be needed, Laschet said, referring to his call for a "bridge lockdown". This could also mean curfews in the evening and night hours. These would be an effective means of reducing contacts in the private sphere. In addition, he said, one must focus on what is necessary in day-care centres and schools - while at the same time safeguarding them with nationwide and closely timed tests.

Over-60s complain about special approach in the Rhine-Sieg district

The decentralised vaccination of the Astrazeneca special quota for over-60s in the Rhine-Sieg district is causing resentment. Many people who wanted to be vaccinated complained over the Easter weekend that they were unable to book an appointment. District Administrator Sebastian Schuster defends the district's approach.

The seven-day incidence in Bonn dropped slightly on Easter Monday. According to the city administration, the value today is 126.8. On Sunday, the incidence was still at 131. However, the reason for this could be the public holidays on the Easter weekend.

The city recorded 418 new infections in the past seven days, 752 people are considered currently infected. 10,857 people have tested positive for the coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic, 211 people have died in connection with the virus.

According to the city administration, 78 people from Bonn and the surrounding area who have contracted Covid-19 are currently hospitalised in Bonn. 42 of them are being cared for in normal wards, 36 are in intensive care, 29 of them have to be ventilated. 56,670 people have received an initial vaccination.

(Original text: ga/dpa / Translation: Mareike Graepel)