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Thousands of visitors: Last flea market in the Rheinaue

Thousands of visitors : Last flea market in the Rheinaue

Thousands of visitors attended the last flea market in the Rheinaue. The stalls were spread over four kilometres.

In beautiful weather on Saturday, many visitors took the last opportunity this year to go bargain hunting in the Rheinaue. Over 1100 exhibitors lured people to the Rheinaue flea market with at times odd, rare and unusual items. “April and October are the most popular dates for dealers,” said Anja Ziegenspeck from the organiser, Melan. After registrations were initially low, a large number of second-hand traders decided to come on the day to offer a wide variety of goods on tables and blankets. Some visitors got a nasty surprise after their bargain hunt: the Public Order Office was on duty all day and incorrectly parked cars were rigorously towed.

Those who strolled past all the stands on Saturday walked about four kilometres. The organisers were also happy with visitor numbers. Handbags, shoes, books, home accessories and much more were eagerly haggled over at the individual stands. Music lovers also got their money’s worth and discovered an enormous selection of second-hand CDs, DVDs, Blue-Rays and records.

Old furniture is also on the up again according to the organiser. Wolfgang Henschen, for example, had put out a wardrobe and an old factory cupboard made of steel among other things at his stand. Henschen’s antique collection is on display every month at the Rheinaue flea market. “We have been coming here for more than 20 years,” he said. Henschen passionately collects and restores antique and unusual furniture. “I find it great fun,” he said. “This season was good, the weather was super most of the time, that makes you feel good. We are very happy.” Anja Ziegenspeck also gave a positive summary. “By contrast to the rainy 2017, which was a disaster for everyone, everything went well this year: apart from March, when there was still snow, we had no complete failures.”

Next year, eight dates are scheduled between March and October – always on the third Saturday of the month. There is one exception: because of Easter, the April Rheinaue flea market will take place on the second Saturday of the month.

(Original text: Sebastian Flick / Translation: kc)