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Cycle paths in Bonn: Leaves endanger cyclists

Cycle paths in Bonn : Leaves endanger cyclists

In many places, fallen leaves lie on the cycle paths in Bonn and thus put cyclists in danger. Sometimes even markings are no longer visible. The complaints about the conditions are increasing.

Anyone who is currently travelling by bicycle in Bonn will know the problem: Many paths are covered with leaves, in some places you can't even see the markings. Sometimes the leaves pose a serious danger of slipping due to moisture and wetness. While the roads are cleared for cars, the cycle paths are not - which is surprising for some cyclists.

Especially in view of the fact that the city of Bonn aims to have at least half of its inner-city routes covered by bicycle by 2030 - and not by car. Bonn is said to be one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in Europe. The city administration also plans that emission-free road users should be given priority in traffic, which is all the more astonishing when one considers the bicycle paths that are not free of leaves.

Axel Mörer of the Bonner Kreisverband of the Allgemeinen Deutschen Fahrrad-Clubs (ADFC) criticises that especially in the winter months, when it comes to cleaning the roadways, car traffic is given preferential treatment over bicycle traffic. "We talk our heads off on the subject," said Mörer.

According to the ADFC, the number of complaints is increasing. There would be an acute danger of slipping on the bicycle lane at The Hague because of the wet leaves, just like on the cycle paths at Poppelsdorfer Allee. The crossroads Hausdorffstraße/Eduard-Otto-Straße should also be used with caution by cyclists, says the ADFC.

The initiative "Radentscheid Bonn", which was founded by several citizens of Bonn and the ADFC, also demands that footpaths and cycle paths be accessible all year round.

The waste management company Bonnorange, on the other hand, stresses that they are not responsible for all cycle paths in the urban area. Because normally it lies in the area of responsibility of the adjoining owner to clean the sidewalks, including sidewalks, footpaths and connecting paths.

How often the streets and the adjoining cycle paths are cleaned by Bonn orange can be seen in the street directory Bonn. The cleaning intervals depend, among other things, on the location. While many streets in the city centre are cleaned once a day, less frequented streets are cleaned only once a week. At the same time, a speaker from Bonnorange told the GA that the intervals cannot always be adhered to, especially in autumn. In some cases this could also be due to technical problems, for example when machines break down.

(Original text: Hannah Fath, Translation: Mareike Graepel)