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Rhine Cleanup in Corona times: „Let's clean up our river banks!“

Rhine Cleanup in Corona times : „Let's clean up our river banks!“

Caring for the environment is also important during a pandemic. That’s why the Independent Bonn International School (I.B.I.S.), in cooperation with HereLocation and Wirtschaftsjunioren Bonn would like to raise awareness of the waste problem. On Saturday, 12 September 2020, they are organising a Clean Up of the river banks, from 10 am until 1pm. Over 50 I.B.I.S. students will meet with their parents, grandparents, family and friends in Rüngsdorf and take part in the Rhine CleanUp.

HereLocation, I.B.I.S. and Wirtschaftsjunioren Bonn are organising the Raise awareness of the waste problem. Together with I.B.I.S. headmaster Philip Wharton, Mrs Inge Brendler, Founder and Managing Director of HereLocation and I.B.I.S. Welcome Team representative, has called upon friends and motivated supporters to participate on this very important campaign.

Meeting point will be at the Panoramabad Rüngsdorf, Am Schwimmbad 8, in 53179 Bonn. Philip Wharton says: "School and education also means that our students not only learn to convey a sense of responsibility in Mathematics, German or English, but also learn about sustainability and are educated to understand that we all see environmental awareness as our duty. True to our motto ‚Our Planet, Our Responsibility‘.“

Mrs Brendler will distribute gloves and bags to all helpers and is dealing with the local waste disposal company so that the waste will be disposed of after the collection campaign.

CleanUps can currently only take place if everybody adheres to the current Corona Maintain specifications. The general ordinances of the Federal Government, the Länder and the local authorities of course also apply to RCU-CleanUp.

Translation: Mareike Graepel