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“Klangwelle 2020”: Light and water show in Bad Neuenahr is cancelled

“Klangwelle 2020” : Light and water show in Bad Neuenahr is cancelled

The “Klangwelle” light and water show attracts thousands of visitors to the spa park in Bad Neuenahr every year. Organizers tried to make the event possible again this year despite the corona pandemic but it is clear now that the event will not take place in 2020.

It is now official: The “Klangwelle” light and water show in Bad Neuenahr’s spa park will not take place this year. But it has also been decided that the event will remain in Bad Neuenahr until at least 2025. The marketing organizations for the region shared the information with the public.

"Due to the regulations in place to quell the corona pandemic, it is not possible for us to hold the Klangwelle event this year", explained managing director Christian Senk. Events with more than 500 people in an outdoor area are currently not permitted. "With such a small number of spectators, the costs incurred, which are in the six-figure range, cannot be covered, even if the number of days is extended and the price increased," said Senk. They had come up with an elaborate hygiene concept which would allow for 1,000 visitors in separated areas, but this was rejected by the district of Ahrweiler.

Tickets already purchased are valid for the second and third weekend of October 2021. There are apparently no plans to exchange tickets which have already been sold.

As a small consolation, the “Klangwelle” team wants to organize a mini water show in the large fountain in the spa park from mid-October. Senk: "With this smaller version of Klangwelle, we would like to draw attention not only to Klangwelle 2021, but also to the spa park fountain, which is being newly built as part of the State Garden Show". The planned new fountain is to be permanently equipped with water features, highlighting the theme of water and the gardens, both integral to the spa town of Bad Neuenahr.

Despite the cancellation of “Klangwelle 2020”, it’s positive news that the event will remain in Bad Neunahr at least until 2025. That means it will keep running in the Ahr valley even after the State Garden Show in 2022.

Mayor Guido Orthen was pleased about the extension of the contract for “Klangwelle” until 2025, saying it was a great investment in marketing beyond the local region. The local marketing team tried everything to avoid a cancellation of the event but now they will focus on looking ahead and the events for the winter months. Around 18,000 visitors attended “Klangwelle” last year. More information can be found online at Klangwelle.de.

(Orig. text: Victor Francke / Translation: Carol Kloeppel)