At Bonn main railway station Locomotive advertises Beethoven anniversary in Bonn

BONN · The Beethoven anniversary locomotive has arrived freshly decorated at Bonn main railway station. It is advertising the celebrations to mark the 250th anniversary of the birth of the famous Bonn composer.

The preparations for the Beethoven anniversary next year are really picking up speed, in the truest sense of the word. On Tuesday, representatives of the city of Bonn and the Beethoven anniversary society admired the Beethoven anniversary locomotive at Bonn’s main train station.

The type U2-010 electric locomotive decorated with the BTHVN 2020 logo and a portrait of Ludwig van Beethoven stopped on track 4 as scheduled at 2.22pm. The anniversary society implemented the design in cooperation with Mitsui Rail Capital Europe GmbH (MRCE), which is also the owner of the locomotive.

The Beethoven locomotive will be used primarily on the Cologne-Berlin and Hamburg-Cologne routes and is promoting Bonn’s greatest son and the events marking the 250th anniversary of his birth next year.

Malte Boecker, director of the Beethoven House and chairman of the supervisory board of the Beethoven anniversary society was pleased, “that BTHVN 2020 is now going on tour with the locomotive. The locomotive is like an ambassador visibly advertising our event far afield.” The locomotive was originally developed for the Austrian Federal Railways.

(Original text: Lisa Inhoffen. Translation: kc)

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