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Bonn International School: Macbeth with a modern look in Bonn

Bonn International School : Macbeth with a modern look in Bonn

Young actors from Bonn International School staged their latest theatre production last week with a modern interpretation of Macbeth.

More than 80 students from Grades 5 to 11 at Bonn International School have rehearsed for the new production of William Shakespeare’s tragedy “Macbeth” in recent months. “We chose the actors for the latest theatre project during a casting,” said school spokesperson Ag Boud at the last of four performances. Two of them were purely for the students and the others for parents in the evenings.

The principal roles were performed by Ryan Krysinski as Macbeth and Audrey Mirth and Mihaka Mishra alternating as Lady Macbeth. The thrilling story has been rehearsed under the direction of Janine Lockwood-Brusa and Zoe Grigoriadou since January. “All the children were looking forward to finally being on stage,” said school director Patricia Baier. They presented the tragedy, written in 1606, in a modern guise. The young actors portrayed the ascent of the royal commander Macbeth to King of Scotland, his transformation to a tyrant and his downfall with changing moods. Scottish dances, rehearsed by Heike Froehling, and the musical accompaniment by the BIS Band, under the direction of Joanne Walter-Unkel, also contributed to its success. The make-up artists had also done a great job providing the actors with appropriate make-up. Baier was particularly proud of what the children in the theatre group had achieved in terms of text, music and choreography, to bring the difficult drama to the stage. The next school theatre production is already in the pipeline. The musical “Alice in Wonderland” is planned for November.

There are currently 720 students at the International School from 78 countries who are taught by about 100 teachers. More information on the school can be found at www.bonn-is.de .

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