Controls by police, customs and city officials Major raid in Bonn's red-light district

Bonn · Around 170 officers checked flats, brothels and prostitutes on the street in Bonn and the region. The aim of the operation was to combat human trafficking, drug dealing and red-light district crime.

During Thursday’s operation, the police also checked the traffic. This photo was taken during a similar operation on Tuesday on the Hardtberg.

During Thursday’s operation, the police also checked the traffic. This photo was taken during a similar operation on Tuesday on the Hardtberg.

Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

On Thursday, the police, city officials, customs officers and tax inspectors carried out checks in Bonn and across the region in the fight against human trafficking, drug dealing and red-light district crime. Bonn police headquarters announced on Friday that the large-scale operation had long been in preparation as part of the NRW police’s cross-border search and control campaign. It had nothing to do with the strategic search campaign that allows intensified checks to be made without cause until 15 December.

About 170 police officers were on the streets until late in the evening and, according to the police press office, checked numerous flats, brothel-like establishments and street prostitution along Immenburgstraße in Bonn. During the checks in the red-light district, the officers temporarily arrested five women who were suspected of being in Germany illegally. Identification checks were made. One woman was reportedly under a a detention order, which meant that she was facing prison instead of a fine. However, after she had paid, she was released.

City staff inspected seven prostitution establishments in the city area for compliance with the Prostitution Protection Act. They did not find any serious violations of the regulations. According to police, only three of the 73 persons checked were unable to produce the required identity cards and certificates.

The police also took action to combat the drug scene in Tannenbusch again on Thursday. Several men fled, according to the press office. An 18-year-old and a 21-year-old allegedly threw objects on to the railway tracks. The police then stopped the railway traffic for around 20 minutes to search the tracks. According to the report, it turned out that the two suspects had tried to “dispose” of narcotics. The police caught them and seized suspected drug money and precision scales. By order of the court, investigators searched the flat of the 21-year-old, who has a record of similar offences. Further cash was discovered in the flat, suspected to have come from drug deals.

A 26-year-old man who was checked by police in Tannenbusch was also carrying narcotics. The officers confiscated drugs and cash. According to an internal report, the criminal investigation department assumes that turf wars are taking place between drug gangs in Tannenbusch. They suspect that there is a connection with the shots fired at a car there a few weeks ago, with no injuries.

The police also started traffic controls on Thursday with the aim of preventing accidents and to search for travelling criminals. In Meckenheim, officers found a lorry driver (32) with no identification. When they went to his home to check his papers, the officers found evidence of illegal drugs. They searched the house with a warrant and discovered further narcotics, according to the police report. The man himself was under the influence of drugs and now has to face a preliminary investigation.

The city's food inspectors were also involved in the operation, mainly checking vehicles transporting food. The owner of a meat and sausage truck was banned from further selling due to blatant violation of food regulations. The city also inspected two snack bars and the canteen in a brothel, which was ordered to close due to the unhygienic conditions. A fine will be imposed on the operator. Only minor deficiencies were found in the two snack bars.

(Original text: Andreas Baumann, Translation: Caroline Kusch)

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