Accident near Schwarzrheindorf Man (48) injured in jet ski collision on the Rhine

Bonn · Four jet skis were on the Rhine near Bonn-Schwarzrheindorf on Sunday evening when two of them collided. One man was injured and taken to hospital.

 Both vehicles were slightly damaged.

Both vehicles were slightly damaged.

Foto: WSP Bonn

Two jet skis collided on Sunday evening on the Rhine near Schwarzrheindorf. According to the responsible water police, a 52-year-old man had collided with the jet ski in front of him at 7.25 pm while driving through a wave valley.

The 48-year-old driver of the vehicle in front was injured in the leg, the other two, 52 and 44-year-old, drivers remained uninjured. Rescue workers brought the injured man to a hospital for examination. It was not clear at first how badly the man was injured. Both vehicles were damaged, but were able to continue their journey. Shipping was not affected by the collision.

The two jet skis were in a group with two other vehicles on the Rhine. There were no indications of a violation, the vehicles were allowed to drive there, the police reported on request. The exact cause of the accident is still unclear, investigations are ongoing.

In June, the water police had announced that they wanted to check more jet ski drivers on the Rhine. The reason given was that the drivers were repeatedly driving outside the designated routes. Especially in the area of Niederkassel-Rheidt as well as near Cologne-Sürth where there were more and more violations.

(Original text: Alexander Hertel / Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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