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Police search: Man accused of harassing 47-year-old woman

Police search : Man accused of harassing 47-year-old woman

Police are looking for a man who allegedly took a woman against her will into a Königswinter forest, demanding sexual relations.

Bonn police are asking for help in locating the man in the photo. He is accused of taking a 47-year-old woman against her will to a wooded area near Königswinter, shortly after having met her in a Chat. The incident happened on July 12 at around 2:50 a.m.

Current status of police investigations reports that he told the woman she must engage in sexual activities with him, otherwise he would force her. The woman, who was not from the area, managed to get out of the vehicle and run away.

Since police have not been able to identify the man in their investigations, they now have a court order which allows them to publish a photo of the alleged offender. If anyone knows this man or can help with his identity, they are asked to contact police at (0228) 1 50.

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