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Fire department called: Man and dog fall through ice in Poppelsdorf

Fire department called : Man and dog fall through ice in Poppelsdorf

A walk on the ice resulted in a call to the fire department on Wednesday. A man and his dog broke through the ice of the pond in front of Poppelsdorf Castle. Fire department officials warn people against venturing out on icy surfaces.

At 2:25 p.m. on Wednesday, eyewitnesses called the fire department because a man who was out walking with his dog had broken through the ice, falling into the pond at Poppelsdorf Castle. When the ambulance arrived, the emergency personnel discovered a man who had apparently just climbed out of the icy cold pond with his dog. Dripping wet, the man and his dog left quickly, so the emergency call was cancelled.

The fire department emphasizes that venturing out on icy surfaces can be life-threatening. The thin layer of ice coating some small ponds or lakes is not strong enough to hold people or animals. If passers-by notice a person breaking through the ice, they should call the fire department immediately and never enter onto the icy surface themselves.

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